Visibility of Oblivion (2015)

Oblivion, we say oblivion when we refer to the silence of the memory or the soul.
Oblivion is a crack in the fabric of time.
Blindness, we speak about blindness when images are wrapped in mist. But, can the soul remember and see what our memory has buried? I think so! This is a path to go along and remember Memories are asleep with the lap of ancestral fears. I wonder if I will be able to go alone that stone path. Only a few know the meaning of these words and even fewer would dare to go alone this path. It is the kingdom of myth and mystery, of life and death, of forgotten Gods and Goddesses.
They lie in the kingdom of dreams and that is what they are made of.
Oblivion and memory, sleep and wakefulness, myth and history… falling slowly into the darkness of an abyss, and the rising wingless towards light. And YOU are there, amidst silence and words of nothingness and images.

Ana Silvia Karacic